"Bula Guys and thank you very much for making our holiday at the anchorage"

Elizabeth and Pauline - New Zealand

"Very sad to be back home, I just wanted to say thankyou to everyone at the Anchorage, as you made our holiday"

Troy Miller - Australia


To truly understand Fijian culture, one simply must visit a traditional Fijian village. Even today, the majority of indigenous Fijians still live in villages. Village life is communal and based on living and working together for the common good of all members. It’s a gentler, laid back way of life – one that’s lived closely with nature – and most villagers make their living off the land and sea.

Traditional Fijian architecture, which gives Fijian villages its distinctive look, comprises mainly of bure – open, airy wooden buildings with exposed beams, high ceilings and thatched roofs. This style of building has inspired many resorts around Fiji, including Anchorage Beach Resort.

All villages have chiefs, who are the heads of their communities. When visiting a Fijian village for the first time, you will participate in a sevusevu – a traditional ceremony of welcome with the village chief or host. Strangers are required to present a gift of kava and explain why they are there. The host then invites them to join him for kava and by doing so, invites them as guests into his village.

The true Fijian Culture ...

While at the Anchorage Beach Resort, it is possible to visit neighboring Viseisei Village, a historical site that is the home of Fiji’s first settlers. A coastal village with a population of 1000 plus people, Viseisei currently makes its livelihood from farming and fishing. The chief of Viseisei, Ratu Josefa Iloilo is the current president of Fiji.

The true Fijian Culture ...

Viseisei has its own kindergarten and school as well as a church. The Sunday morning church service is a great chance to catch harmonious Fijian singing at its best. Viseisei Village is a five-minute walk along the beach from Anchorage Beach Resort, or three minutes by car. Please check with hotel staff for village protocol before visiting the village.