"Bula Guys and thank you very much for making our holiday at the anchorage"

Elizabeth and Pauline - New Zealand

"Very sad to be back home, I just wanted to say thankyou to everyone at the Anchorage, as you made our holiday"

Troy Miller - Australia


Legend tells it that Fiji's very first settlers journeyed across the Pacific Ocean in outrigger canoes, before anchoring off the reef in Vuda, around 1500 BC . They came ashore on the stretch of beach that is now home to Anchorage Beach Resort and nearby Viseisei Village, home of the first settlers.

Borrowing its name from the historical voyage of Fiji's ancestors, Anchorage Beach Resort actually started out as the Bay View Country Club in the 1950’s. Purchased in the 1990’s by the Tanoa Group, this lovely “diamond in the rough” was quickly polished to a sparkling luster and has quickly progressed through a most remarkable transformation. Its current owners, an Australian couple, bought the resort from the Tanoa Group in June 2004.

The new owners sought to emphasize the resort’s natural strengths of a pristine location and vista coupled with its truly serene surroundings by enhancing many of the existing amenities and comforts of the resort confines. Since taking over, extensive upgrades of the resort has included the construction of 20 new Oceanfront spa rooms, a new and large beachfront pool with infinity horizon edge and swim-up bar as well as an open-plan restaurant with large decking. A new multi-purpose venue, Cupid’s Point, has also been built for weddings, open conferences, parties, cocktails and other gatherings.